In our technical world with machining, drilling, turning, measuring, tolerances, etc., their own freedoms are very limited. We wanted to let our imagination run wild and put creativity in the foreground. To create something where our expertise is required, which is taken into consideration and where the design is at the forefront. With these guidelines, we introduced the process to create a new muscat mill.

The result is simple, elegant, modern and easy to integrate anywhere. Sustainability is already provided by the fact that the materials are durable. With our precise Swiss Qulity, we gave the product the precision for long-term functionality.

The usefulness is evident, fine grated nutmeg chips refining their dishes such as potato stick, soups, fondue, stews, cauliflower etc ..

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The mulatto mill is also ideal for companies that want to combine quality with their company and use this product as customer acquisition. Maybe you want to underline the "made in Switzerland" label with our muscat mill.

With a laser inscription on the whole circumference, you are free with the gestatlung of e.g. A logo, picture, text, reference etc. The corresponding cardboard packaging is also unique and specially manufactured for this article. Ask us, we will gladly make an offer for your wishes.

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